Why You Must Be Patient With Results

3 min readApr 21, 2022


Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash — This doesn’t just happen overnight

Do you want to know why most people end up failing at whatever it is they’re trying to do?

They give up.

That is the number one reason. And it’s obvious why. If you give up, you have a 0% possibility of succeeding.

This is all quite obvious

But WHY do they quit?

What is the number one reason for that?

I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a combination of two factors.

The first is that results lag.

It takes time to see results. It’s just how it is.

This brings us to the second factor, lack of patience.

These two combined are responsible for a BIG majority of people who’ve failed.

Isn’t that interesting?

I mean, just think about it.

Nobody who has a beer belly thinks they can just go to the gym once and they’ll walk out with a six-pack, right?


Ironically, the reason most people DON’T workout at a Gym is exactly because they are aware of this. They know that behind what they want is A LOT of effort and consistency that is required in order to achieve that six-pack.

It’s the foresight of all of that hard work and sacrifice that puts people off from going for it. People literally think “Oh, it takes so much… I’d never be able to do it.”

(The irony is in the fact that it’s not even that hard. It will just be hard until it becomes an ingrained habit you’ll enjoy)


So, why is it that people think success is any different from getting a six-pack?

It’s probably even harder than that.

Yet, people are SO quick to give up on themselves because they don’t see immediate results. It’s crazy!

From my experience, results can take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years to become visible! Maybe even more depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

You can’t plant a garden overnight and you definitely can’t change your whole life overnight either.

Patience is just the art of being aware of this at all times and so not allowing any of it to affect you.

My advice to you is to REALLY give it a shot whenever you go for something that just feels right.

If it feels right to you, you should give it long enough to blossom. Some of the most successful people and projects you see around the world had an extremely slow start, but eventually, their value was recognized!

Whatever your endeavor is, your value will be recognized as well! You just need to keep going until it does, while also doing your best to constantly improve.

Think of where you are right now.

Is it exactly where you want to be?

Really think about that.

Now think of what it is that you were doing two years ago.

According to what you WERE doing two years ago, don’t you think you’re exactly in the most logical place? Don’t you think that, according to what you were doing 2 years ago, you’re exactly where you’ve earned to be?

Some people might disagree and think they deserve more, but usually it just makes sense.

Whenever I ask myself that question, what I was doing two years ago rightfully reflects exactly where I am in the moment.

That’s not a coincidence. You just need to learn to wait for the good things to come to you, as you make an effort to come to them.

So, in short, the reason why you must be patient with results, is that results lag. And because they lag, if you don’t wait around long enough, you’ll never see them happening,

Stop being so damn impatient!

Never stop hustling & never stop dreaming,

- Dez

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